At Lester + Company we help restaurants grow.
We give you the CPA expertise and real-time financial and operational reporting tools
you need to achieve higher profitability, more efficiency, and faster growth.

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Our software tools show you the numbers behind your business in seconds – not months.

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Lester + Company knows what it takes to grow your business, whether you’re a multi-unit independent restaurant company or a franchise. We provide modern technology solutions and real-time financial reporting tools so restaurant owners and managers can make decisions based on what’s happening in your restaurants today, not weeks or months ago. We transform your finance & accounting function into an agent for growth, giving you a competitive edge and the insight you need, when you need it.

Our experts can also help you understand the numbers and build a strategy for success. Lester + Company specializes in the restaurant industry and provides the resources and expertise you expect from a full-service CPA firm.

Lester + Company offers a unified package of software and services that combine to provide cutting-edge financial management. We help you harmonize finance and operations, grow your business and anticipate problems along the way.