Why Your Technology Partner (VAR) Needs to Be a Restaurant Expert

July 23 2019

financial management solution is a huge investment in the success of your restaurant business. You want to make sure that your technology dollars are well-spent, that you get the greatest possible value. That’s why it’s so important to choose a technology partner—also called value-added reseller (VAR)—that understands the restaurant industry as well as you do.

In his white paper, How to Fit Your Technology Expertise into Your Customer’s World, technology pro Sean Berg advises resellers to be customer-focused rather than product-focused. He recommends asking these questions about the customer’s (i.e. your) business operations:

  • Inventory management (How do you know how much you have and how much is used?)
  • Ingredients (How do you know your daily usage and how much to order at the end of the day?)
  • Communication with vendors to place orders (How do you let vendors know what you need?)
  • Comparison among vendors (How do you negotiate the best prices?)
  • Staff management (How do you know how many people to schedule per shift?)
  • Expense management (How do you ensure profits are higher than costs per shift?)
  • Customer management (How do you manage the number of customers coming in and leaving, wait times, and turnover time per table?)

These questions are hard to answer if your reseller knows little or nothing about the world of foodservice. Even worse, you’re spending money on technology that has little relevance to your business needs.

What does your ideal VAR look like?

Beyond expertise in the field, consider these qualities when selecting a technology partner:

  1. Commitment. You want a long-term relationship with your technology partner—not one that treats you as just another project. What’s more, your reseller should be committed to your success, helping you use the technology to improve your business operations over time.
  2. Empathy. Slack founder Stewart Butterfield said, “It’s very difficult to design something for someone if you have no empathy.” To get the financial management solution that’s right for you, look for a reseller who understands your pains, such as an underperforming locations or inefficient back office systems. The right VAR has been there, solved that.
  3. End-to-end provider. A reseller should have a methodology for helping you transition to a new financial management solution that includes an initial assessment, implementation, and ongoing support. By ensuring your solution is properly set up, you can start managing costs and gaining insights that drive growth—from day one.

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