Has Your Restaurant Company Outgrown QuickBooks?

April 17 2019

When you first started in the business, chances are you were satisfied with using Intuit QuickBooks to handle your financials. It’s well-known, easy to use, and offers the basic functionality nearly any business needs to get off the ground.

A few years later, you’ve grown—instead of a small shop, you’re a full-fledged restaurant company with multiple locations. Your business has gotten a lot more complex, and so have your finances. With its limited reporting capabilities, QuickBooks has suddenly become a liability to your business. Workarounds in Excel mean you spend extra time rekeying data, and you’re stuck with a patchwork of manual-error prone processes that take longer and longer to complete.

Sage Intacct—a smarter way to grow

Fortunately, Sage Intacct, the best-in-class cloud-based financial management solution, offers a better way. Take advantage of sophisticated—but still easy—financial software with the features you need: fast consolidations, multi-entity support, real-time reporting across locations, and more. Here are just two ways Sage Intacct outshines QuickBooks for your growing restaurant company:

  • Consolidate multiple entities in minutes. Sage Intacct overcomes the limitations of QuickBooks and makes it easy to report across multiple locations and multiple entities. Automate the spectrum of consolidation activities, like currency conversions, inter-entity transactions, system wide roll-ups, and more. With Sage Intacct restaurant financials, you eliminate the wasted effort of manual consolidations, close the books faster, and bring on the growth.
  • Gain visibility with dashboards and real-time reports—and without the Excel hassles. With Sage Intacct, you get the right information tracked and presented in real time so you can make the course corrections that lead to repeatable, profitable growth. You can easily create real-time dashboards across one or more entities or stores—without exporting to Excel. And Sage Intacct’s report center gathers all your reports into one place—no more searching for different modules for the reports you want.

And with Sage Intacct’s dimensional reporting, you are able to filter and break out information by a variety of business drivers. You can look at profit and loss by location, by concept, by territory, etc. You can even report by multiple dimensions to get to the complex metrics that drive your growth. With Sage Intacct’s reporting capabilities, you see trends over time, and can easily forecast along those trends.

Do business better in the cloud

Even though you’re limited by QuickBooks, you may be concerned with the high cost of switching to a new financial management system. That’s why cloud-based restaurant financials such as Sage Intacct is a wise investment. With cloud-based software, your vendor assumes all of the information technology cost and risk. All you need is a web browser and an Internet connection—no technology, servers, software, or IT staff. Cloud computing takes the cost and risk out of graduating from QuickBooks and provides numerous advantages that are essential as your business grows.

Even better, you don’t have to make the transition to a better financial management solution on your own. You can trust the restaurant technology and finance experts at Tablespoon to help you make the best decision for your business.