What If Analysis
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What If Analysis (WIF)

The Right Time Study (What If Up/Down) tells you what the program will signal for the next trading day if the volume is 10% greater than the latest day, and the price is changed by 1%. What “What If” does is warn you then a close, trend change, or Buy/Short signal may develop. It prepares you for the next trading day. Use it to query the program: “What will the program say if XYZ is up tomorrow?” Or, “What will the program say if XYZ is down tomorrow?” It prepares you for the possibility of a change in position. Use the What If  study to see recommendations for the next trading day. The study can also be used to “Beat the Crowd”. That is, if the program states that a signal for XYZ may occur if it is up by 1%, and its volume is up by 10%, you can take a trade before the end of the current trading day. Here is an example: The current trend of XYZ is Unsure. The What If Study has told you that if XYZ is up tomorrow, you will receive a Buy signal with an 80% MAA. Call your broker 15 minutes before the close of the market to see if XYZ is up. If it is, and it falls within the What If parameters, execute the trade. You have now "Beaten the Crowd" to the trade and have most likely executed at a lower price than you would have the following morning. Use caution when trading this way!
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