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How to FTP to our site: or try a program like CuteFTP How to Dowload Files from our web site: Click on the Login Button on the top of any page and your will be asked for your userid and password.  At that point you will be directed to our Quotes Page.   
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Daily Stocks Daily Stocks DailyStock/Index Options DailyStock/Index Options Daily Futures Options Daily Futures Options Daily Fundamental Data Daily Fundamental Data Daily Futures Contracts Daily Futures Contracts FTP/Data Dvd Instructions   If you are going to unzip the Internet (B) files yourself and use  the data in a program other than Trader's Access, you will need  to know the following:  In front of each symbol is an identifier: & Stocks $ Indices  # Futures  ! Mutual Funds ~ Market Statistics * Stock and Index Options + Futures Options / Canadian Stocks  File layout:  Each file is in an ASCII format as follows:  Symbol,Date,Open,High,Low,Close,Volume,OpenInterest The Daily Data files for Stock/Index Options with Bid and Ask  (starting 5/16/2001) are formatted as follows:  Symbol,Date,Open,High,Low,Close,Volume,OpenInterest.Bid,A sk,Strike Price, Month, Call or Put (Starting on 7/7/2003, this file  will also contain Expiration Date, starting 7/21/2003, this file will  also contain the root symbol as the last field. Starting on  8/11/2003, the next field is the closing price of the stock/Index.)  starting on 1/1/2004 - the files use the new option symbols that  were originally initiated in 2010. We backwardly adjust the files.  Examples:  &IBM,10/03/96,103.25,105.875,101.50,104.25,1456789,0  #SP6Z,10/03/96,700.5,706.35,697.35,705.85,59311,178410  Fundamental data file layout  Symbol,Current Date,Price to Earnings  Ratio,Earnings,Yield,Dividend,Dividend Date,Shares  Outstanding,Estimated Eps
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