Right Time Settings
Normal Calculations - These are the original calculations developed in 1980. These are best used in normal trending markets. Alt Calculations - These are calculations developed specifically for Futures and Futures Options when the markets are flat. Flat Market Calculations - Developed for stocks, indices and mutual funds when the overall market is very flat. What If - These calculations tell you what the study will say if the symbol is "Up" or "Down" on the next trading day. Market Direction (Stocks Only) - Choosing a market directions will emphasize those trades that go with the overall market. Show Signals Only - If you want to see just the Buy/Sell signals and not the Close, Hold, and Warning signals (makes the scan much smaller and easier to view). 80% Filter - If you want to see just the signals whose MAA is 80% or above, check this item. You can change the calculations based on the current conditions in the specific markets by changing the above settings.
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