Principle Report
Symbol Column: This the symbol whose analysis is being generated. Date: For the actual symbol, this is the date of the signal. For the what if lines, it simply states WI UP or WI Dn. Price: For the first line it is the actual price that the symbol closed at. For the what if lines, it is what the what if generated as a hypothetical price. Trend: This the direction, Rising, Falling or Unsure for the symbol. Rec: This is the recommendation for the symbols, either Buy, Short, Hold, Close, or Warning. MAA: This is the Moving Average Analysis for the symbol (the percent chance of a successful trade). Stop Price: The program generates a price to close out your position. Momentum: This is the current day’s direction. Either Up, Down or nothing.
The principle report is the one you will output every day with in the Trader’s Access Software. The first line for each symbol is the actual signal generated for the specific day. The second and third lines for each symbol is the What If Up and the What If Down for the symbol.
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