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Trader's Access is an Internet Quote Downloading, Charting and MetaStock & ASCII Exporting service. The service includes daily and historical end-of-day quotes for Futures, Future Options, Stocks (US & Canada), Indices/Market Statistics (US & Canada), Stock & Index Options, and Mutual Funds. Best of all - you can use our free software or FTP or log in to our web site to retrieve the daily/historical data.

Internet A

Upon signing up for T.B.S.P.'s Trader's Access Internet Service, receiving your personalized password, and our Trader's Access software and/or our ASCIIMetastock Downloader (you can download them free of charge from this web site). After installing the software, enter the symbols you want to follow, select the start date, and click on communications\retrieve. That's it! Retrieval is easy and only takes a few minutes. Historical downloading will, of course, take longer. We have historical data for stocks, futures, indices, and mutual funds back to 1989. Option data starts on 7/1/97. The Internet (A) service has an added bonus - it includes fundamental data for the stocks you are following if you use our Trader's Access software. The ASCII/Metastock Downloader is an easy to use program that allows you to quickly download data into ASCII or Metastock files.  It does not contain any charting or data manipulation - just the downloading of easily accessed data files. Trader’s Access Features ASCII/Metastock Screens

Internet B

This internet service is designed for those of you that need bulk data for your own programs to manipulate. 1) Use your web browser to access our special web data pages, or, if you know how to FTP, you can reliably FTP to our ftp site. 2) You have your choice: Download every quote for the day or individual types in their own files. For historical data, download previous day/history files. Historical data dates back 10 years, for all stocks, futures, indices, mutual funds. stock options and futures options. (to go back farther than 10 years, we have dvd data disks). 3) Once the file(s) are downloaded, unzip the file(s) yourself and manipulate the data any way you desire. (Note: If you need data back to 01/01/1990 - we have Data DVDs with that data)
Data provided is believed to be accurate, but is not guaranteed or warranted by T.B.S.P. Inc.
Data Availability    Stocks US/Canada				3:00 PM PT Stock/Index Options				3:00 PM PT Indexes					3:00 PM PT Futures					3:00 PM PT Futures Options				4:00 PM PT Mutural Funds				4:30 PM PT “The data is great!  It’s accurate and on time.  You guys have a great service.” - N.E., Los Angeles, CA
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