New Website

Yes, thats right, we are working on a whole new company.  As you can see we now have a brand new website.  The old site was created in 1996 with some modifications over the years.  But it was out dated and we now have this new site which is our first step in moderizing the company.

Ascii/Metastock Downloader Software

We developed this application in 2011.  It will remain the same for the forseeable future (may add some charting in 2017) because it looks good and works on windows 7 ,8, 8.1, and 10. 

Trader’s Access Software

We are finally going to finish the upgrading from the current 16 bit application to a 32 bit application.  The new version (4.0) will be nearly identical  to the old one and will work on windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.  We have released the new version on September 1, 2016.
4/1/2016 - Rewrote the website to be more up-to date 4/15/2016 - finished new website 4/16/2016 - Trader’s Access 4.0 Status - started the rewriting of trader’access. 6/13/2016 - Trader’s Access 4.0 Status - Charting and 85 studies are finished, create list, delete list, rename list, rebuild list, sort list columns, backup, restore all fnished. All Settings are finished. Add symbol, delete symbol, build symbols are finished. Import symbols ascii, finished. test retrieval finished. 6/17/2016 - Trader’s Access 4.0 Status - Data window and it’s menus are finished including: change data, modify data, splits, disbursements, copy data to clipboard, delete data, select all data and print data to disk, file, and printer. Report window and its menus are done. 07/04/2016 - Trader’s Access 4.0 Status - Metastock exporting is finished, 07/18/2016 - Trader’s Access 4.0 Status = 95% of the programming is finished - started Alpha testing the program today. 07/30/2016 - Trader’s Access 4.0 Status - 99% of the programming is finished - we are now in beta testing and creating the install program and fihnishing up the help. 08/15/2016 - Trader;s Access 4.0 Status - programming done 08/29/2016 - Trader’s Access 4.0 Status - 99.999% debuged 01/17/2017 - released 4.01 - bug fixes 02/20/2017 - released 4.02 - bug fixes 03/03/2017 -  released 4.03 -  bug fixes 06/17/2017 - bug fixes 06/25/2017 - discontinued v3 and ascii/metatock program 07/03/2017 - released 4.06 - fixed some bugs in the program 1) print chart to disk now works 2) import ascii sym and name now works,  added check for update under the help menu 07/10/2017 - fixed 2 bugs - program was not retaining the print layout. fixed the date range errors  these will be avalabile in v 4.0.7 07/11/2017 - fixed printing layout. fixed saving of print layout for the data window. these fixes will be in v4.0.7 07/12/2017 -  fixed transfer of data not working properly
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