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Letter From The President Dear Investor: After graduation from the University of Colorado and spending some time in the furniture business, I started playing penny stocks (stocks trading for less than $1.00). After having substantial success playing the "pennies", I bought an Apple II+ computer in 1980 in order to play the stock market full time. When the penny market began to sour I looked into playing NYSE stocks and options. I bought a program which generated signals based on the OBV analysis and in one month lost $17,500. But I remembered something I learned in a college economics class - the major factor for determining a price is supply and demand. I bought two books on how to program and spent six months creating my own supply and demand analysis based loosely on the OBV idea. My new analysis technique was good, but not accurate enough to insure profitable trades all of the time. I noticed an amazing relationship between a stock's price and its 50-day moving average in O'Neill's Daily Graphs. I wrote parameters for a price analysis based on this observation and used them to complement my new volume analysis. Finally, I started to make money playing the big board. The first month I made $6,700, and by the end of 1980 I made $63,000. After putting this all together, my new program was correct in its analysis 78.8% of the time. The average price move was approximately 9% within a two week period. After two profitable years of investing using the program's signals, two newspaper articles appeared about them. I was besieged with requests for more information, but I refused to allow anyone to see or use my programs. At that point, I created my Futures Program and later added the Index and Mutual Fund programs to my investment repertoire. With the combination of these programs as my investment aids, I was making money playing the markets. Since my programs only needed my attention for five minutes at the end of each trading day, I became bored. The hundreds of purchase requests I received for my programs after the newspaper articles appeared persuaded me that there was a tremendous demand for investment software. On December 24, 1984, I opened T.B.S.P. Inc., made the programs more "user friendly", called the system the "Right Time" and added some new features. The speed and powerful "IF-THEN" reasoning (some call it artificial intelligence) that computers are capable of, allows my calculations to do 85% of my investment "thinking". As times and technology have changed, I have changed too. I started the Trader's Access Downloading Service after getting a $4,000 bill from the Dow Jones News Retrieval Service (I tried Dial Data but they charged $70.00 per month). I created my Trader's Access software, which includes charting and exporting, and incorporated the Right Time calculations into the Trader's Access software as an add-on module. Trader's Access is a terrific program that you can use to just download and export data to other programs or as your primary technical analysis tool. Either way, you win! After reviewing my web site, you will see that Trader's Access can help you make and save money. After all, isn't that the bottom line?! Sincerely, I.N. Botnick, President
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